There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about door lock security. Cylinder snapping has made the news with the BBC’s Inside Out Programme featuring a demonstration of how easy it can be to break in through a traditional lock. Door-Stop has always taken security seriously and was the first company to offer a Kitemark cylinder as standard on every door, but it doesn’t stop there.


The Magnum has been subjected to extensive tests and is one of the most the most secure cylinders on the market, offering resistance against all types of physical attack. The Magnum cylinder will resist the most determined intruder and offers total piece of mind. It’s anti-bump, anti-snap, drill, pick, tamper, torque and force resistant. It will withstand attempts to saw, wrench, corrode or even burn it out – in fact it can resist anything even the most determined burglar can throw at it, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Magnum has a unique high-precision 12 telescopic pin system and provides superior master-keying possibilities, with a huge number of combinations. Each one comes with 4 anti-picks per side, v-pins to resist bumping and anti-snap on both sides.